New Recyclable Yogurt Jars: How it works


Xaoban has launched the new recyclable jars!

Our 1kg natural yoghurt now comes in glass containers. No need to worry about where your trash goes, because it ends up right where it started!


Here’s how it works


On your first purchase you will pay for the yoghurt and the jar as well. The jar by itself costs 15,000 LAK.

Once you consumed your yogurt, we kindly ask you to clean the jar as best as possible. You can clean it as you would with the rest of your dishes. Then on your next visit to Xaoban, you can return the jar and buy your next yoghurt without having to pay for the packaging. Easy as that.

This new system will be possible in all official Xaoban shops, so don’t return these to the minimarts!  

Join the recycling community and buy your next yoghurt in one of these jars! And pair it with your own choice of fruit sauce also available in our stores.

And do let us know what you think of this new system and of our new packaging. Comment below or send us an email! We love to get feedback from our lovely customers.

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