Xao Ban is a good place to experience first hand what it means to be a social, inclusive enterprise. Whether you are a student, undergrad or just a curious person, we believe in sharing the knowledge of social enterprising and product development. We learned a lot working alongside ambitious people and their input has always been a positive attribute to our business.

Here are some examples of what you could do at Xao Ban:


These are just some examples and we are all ears for others.

If you are interested please send your resume and motivation to our HR:


Here at Xao Ban, we benefit from sharing our achievements. We are about providing employment to handicapped people, providing on-the-job training for socially marginalized people. We are about buying products from local food producers, empowering the local community and limiting environmental burden from extensive transportation.

We provide the tools for students to take initiative for their own research, oftentimes as part of their university degree. For younger interns, we offer training in various sectors of our business such as food processing, food packaging, retail delivery, accounting and sales.

For many of us, finding an internship in a foreign country can be difficult. Sometimes, you might get stuck doing something you don’t like. But here at Xao Ban, you have the possibility to try out different things, shift from one sector to another, and experience a business from all sides of the spectrum. Plus, we can assist you with accommodation and travels so you can explore this beautiful country simultaneously.

If you are interested in social development through social entrepreneurship then look no further! Here you can be a part of a distinctive company culture, with lots of freedom to try out many occupations or to set up your own work agenda.

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